Is Fort Lauderdale a Good Place To Live?

Fort Lauderdale is a great place to live if you’re purchasing a home in South Florida. It’s located on the coast and is close to Miami. Aside from the beaches and warm weather, Fort Lauderdale offers many activities and attractions making it a fun place to live. If you’re considering a move, it’s helpful to learn the pros and cons of living in Fort Lauderdale.

The pros of living in Fort Lauderdale include great weather, fun activities, and security for both homes and jobs. There are also some cons of living in Fort Lauderdale, such as the high cost of living and crowding from tourists.

Pros of Living in Fort Lauderdale

is fort lauderdale a good place to live

This is a great city to call home and there are many advantages to living in Fort Lauderdale, including:

Fort Lauderdale is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal clear water and is often ranked as one of the best beaches in Florida by visitors. It’s safe to swim here since the water is so clear and the currents aren’t super strong. With 24 miles of beaches, you can also find a place with fewer tourists to relax.

If you enjoy warm weather, Fort Lauderdale has average temperatures between 61°F to 89°F year round. It very rarely drops below 47°F. June to October is typically sunny and hot while the rest of the year is milder.

Fort Lauderdale is a great location for boating, fishing, and other recreational water activities. There are 165 miles of inland waterways throughout the city in addition to bordering the ocean. Many residents enjoy activities such as paddle boarding, boating, jet skiing, snorkeling, and swimming. As a city with a lot of tourism, there are guided tours and easy-to-rent equipment  you can take advantage of.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida has a rich cultural scene and many attractions that showcase its history and art. If you live in or are visiting, here are places to check out in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Bonnet House Museum & Gardens: This is a historic home that showcases art and architecture from the early 20th century in Florida. You can also walk through the beautiful gardens and explore trails here.
  • Stranahan House: This historic home offers tours and exhibits on the city’s early pioneers and the Seminole Tribe of Florida.
  • Old Dillard Museum: This is a museum showcasing the unique African American history and culture of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum: For a car enthusiast, this museum is a great attraction where you can view a collection of classic and vintage cars, as well as other automotive memorabilia.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science: This museum is a popular attraction for families because it has interactive exhibits for science, technology, and nature.
  • Broward Center for the Performing Arts: They host cultural events involving dance, music, and other art.
  • Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District: Located in downtown Fort Lauderdale, this is a hub that features art galleries, theaters, restaurants, and live music venues as well as several parks where you can take a walk or sit and enjoy nature.
  • NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale: This contemporary art museum is located in the Entertainment District and features exhibitions, and events relating to visual history. They also host educational programs.

This city is also a great place to have a family. There are safe neighborhoods and residents speak highly of the school system. There are also many activities for children and families.

If you enjoy being outdoors, there are many nearby parks and hiking trails to explore. The Hugh Taylor Birch State Park offers activities such as bicycling, fishing, camping, hiking, and wildlife viewing. Fort Lauderdale Beach Park, Colee Hammock Park, and Snyder Park are also great spaces to exercise and relax.

Fort Lauderdale has a strong economy and if you live here you’ll have many job opportunities. Popular careers include healthcare, finance, hospitality, and marine manufacturing. The tourism industry here also provides many stable careers.

Cons of Living in Fort Lauderdale

There are a few cons to consider as well if you’re thinking about moving such as the cost of living in Fort Lauderdale, tourism, and the weather.

High cost of living

The cost of living in Fort Lauderdale is higher than the national average, so it’s important to look at housing, transportation, and food costs to ensure that it fits into your budget. For example, the median price for an apartment is $2,203 while the average cost of a home is $724,617. The grocery prices in this city are also higher than the national average by 16%.


Tourism is a big factor to consider because Fort Lauderdale is a popular vacation spot. Peak tourist season is early spring-summer, but the rest of the months may be quieter. A positive aspect of tourism is that it brings more job opportunities to the area as well as activities for tourists and residents to enjoy.

Harsh weather conditions

The South Florida coastline experiences the threat of hurricanes, which may affect your decision to buy a home in this city. There can also be extreme heat and humidity, but the weather is not always so severe and many enjoy the warmer climate.

Galaxy Title & Escrow Can Help With Your Move To Fort Lauderdale

living in fort lauderdale

There are many draws to living in South Florida and Fort Lauderdale offers a family-friendly and warm environment. Here you’ll be close to the action in Miami but able to relax in a quiet neighborhood.

Before making a move it’s important to consider the positives and negatives of living in the area. Account for your lifestyle when determining if Fort Lauderdale is a good place for you.

When it comes to buying a home in South Florida, we at Galaxy Title & Escrow can help you buy and insure your property. We’ll provide guidance and resources for you to be confident in your investment and ensure you make an informed decision. Contact us today to learn how we can help you move to Fort Lauderdale!

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